1. Identify the target customers

Whenever you figure out the idea for your mobile app development, discover your target customers, detect their needs, their behaviors. Your ability to listen to your prospective customers and understand their needs will make it more likely your solution will satisfy your customers’ needs. Remember that your customers will be the ones using your mobile app and will be responsible for its ratings and will ultimately decide its success/failure in the heavily crowded mobile app market.

The more you understand your target users, the more likely your solutions will be excelling your competition.

2. Identify…

a. Security risks:

Maintaining privacy becomes a troubleshooting experience for enterprises because nowadays, data becomes a new asset. Handing over business data to a 3rd party software outsourcing team could risk businesses to encounter data leaks, especially leakage of confidential and sensitive information, which alerts a concerning matter.

Therefore, security should be taken into high consideration when businesses plan to outsource a software project. Select a prestigious partner who has insights in information security and all necessary measures to ensure the protection of their customers’ data. Compliance with data security should also be well discussed.

ISO 27001 is a certificate…

The rapid development of technology has made software outsourcing become so popular as a smart practice for companies to stay ahead of the new invention. Besides loads of benefits businesses can reap from software outsourcing, cybersecurity is a major concern for top managers seeking to establish a trusted software outsourcing team due to the growing number of data security breaches reported.

To enable efficient and reliable collaboration among businesses and software outsourcing vendors, let’s explore the primary information security concerns for and the best practices in the article below:

Cybersecurity is alert

According to Risk Based Security, the number of annual cybersecurity incidents…

We live in the age of the unprecedented development of technology. The global IT spending is expected to reach an astonishing value of $4 trillion at the beginning of 2021, according to the Gartner. At the same time, Statista estimated the revenue of the global outsourcing industry to be $92.5 billion dollars in 2019, as well as predicting the rapid rise in 2020. Software outsourcing is shaping the global market, revolutionizing the way companies perceive their development, and bringing unrivaled opportunities to seize. That is why we have listed some highlight trends in outsourcing software development in the unprecedented times…

Nowadays, digital transformation has become more imperative than ever thanks to the multiple advantages it brings to businesses, for instance, enhancing customer experience, increasing internal integration and driving rational data insights. The initiative has created a great demand on application development, thus the huge need of qualified software engineers.

The challenges in recruiting IT talents in high demand has led businesses to choose outsourcing their software projects with several practices, in which adopting an offshore dedicated development team seems to be an effective solution. …

In the lightning speed development of technology, to keep the competitiveness, more and more businesses are turning to software development outsourcing. According to the report of Deloitte, from 2016 to 2018, there was an increase from 20% to 49% in the number of organizations moving to outsourced providers as they innovate. As the Harvard Business Review states, “Full-time employees are the most expensive and least flexible source of labor.” That’s why smart businesses are making strategic use of outsourced, contract workers to fill gaps in expertise, meet fluctuating demands, and manage certain projects.

Having a good outsourcing strategy benefits businesses…


Vietnam’s software outsourcing industry is a favorite destination for many leading tech companies in the world. The best workforce, cutting edge technologies, and incredible cost-competence combine harmoniously to deliver excellent results.

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Vietnam’s software outsourcing industry has been gaining in popularity fast during the last 10 years. The global tech community depends on Vietnam to get quality software solutions at affordable prices. Being one of the best outsourcing destinations in Asia, Vietnam perfectly meets the expectations of a large number of international companies.

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